28 Jul 2003

Squid-3 PRE2 rolled. We’re getting close, and I’ll get my evenings back soon. So much detail, so little time :].

That said, I still loath early on-site starts. It adds up so quickly…

21 Jul 2003

Woohoo! Finally making substantial progress on my squid IO reworking. The ufs, diskd and aufs modules now only differ in the way they access the files – all the duplicate code has been pruned (module the occasional oversight). A few more aggressive changes, and the IO drivers should be fully generalised and able to be leveraged outside the ‘ufs’ ‘diskd’ and ‘aufs’ swapdir modules. Conversely, we can nearly do neat things like auto-detection of the best IO logic for a platform within the now-consolidated ufs module, and / or dynamically switching IO backend as system load varies. The code is in my arch branch: robertc@squid-cache.org–squid/squid–disk-io–3.0

16 Jul 2003

Well, fixed more Microsoft VC++ breakage in squid3. Such a broken compiler – I simply don’t understand folk being able to code anything in it.

Ok, started the release cycle for 3.0, grab squid-3.0-PRE1 here.

I really need to figure out how to go to bed before midnight :}

15 Jul 2003

Well another step towards a fully typesafe squid. Stack’s are now 100% typesafe, no more casts. That and a few more compatability tweaks, and squid-3 is shaping up -fast.

Looks like this week is going to be very mundane on the earn-a-living side, so squid progress won’t be as fast as I’d like. Ah well.

Ah lunchtime, the opportunity to make typesafe all the Array uses throughout squid – Array is nomore, only Vector’s exist.