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26 Sep 2004


I recently hacked up bindings to Gnome for Gnu-smalltalk. I was giving Jeff Waugh some anecdotes about why binding to Gnome VFS was harder than binding to GTK+, and he suggested I blog it… Theres actually quite a lot of stuff there when I started to think it through, so I’m going to do two […]

17 Sep 2004


Our preview release went out on Wednesday @ 1400 UTC… woohoo! I did some more hacking on the gtk bindings after work during the week.. the full environment is now usable (but not bug-free nor complete :)) Namespace Browser

13 Sep 2004


had a great weekend… my little smalltalk hack is coming along nicely: Gnu Smalltalk with gtk. That goes on the backburner until next weekend :}. Big stuff happening this week.. Can’t wait for wednesday night.


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