25 Dec 2004

Well the squid sprint is over.

We’ve covered another heap of ground…

squid stategic directions

introduction of a formal RequestManager, and a rough sketch at the api for using it.

more bug fixes…

Persian for lunch, and steak at a pub for dinner.

21 Dec 2004

The second days of the squid sprint is over.

We’ve closed about 6 bugs in bugzilla by fixing them, triaged about 50 more bugs, and merged in the long pending Disk IO modularisation – so the UFS disk layout can run with AIO/Threads/DiskD/Blocking… and COSS can now use Threads/Diskd or Blocking which it couldn’t before..

We also discussed some long term goals for squid, which will be taken into consideration in all design and planning. They are:


More ‘extension by module’ facilities – i.e. the oft requested overnight re-verification of objects should be doable by a module.

The cache should have granular control – i.e. to deactive a cache dir when a disk has failed – this implies some sort of control channel.

Connection pinning – essentially becoming a TCP Passthrough – and support for SPNEGO.

A comprehensive test suite.

Dinner was at a nice italian place, I had Biscetti & chips :).

20 Dec 2004

The squid sprint has started!

Henrik, Guido, Francesco and I all wandered around Stockholm yesterday, seeing the old city, the change of guards at the palace, and doing the tourist thing.

While doing that we found time to talk about how the Store interface in squid should look, so we can do all the different things we each want to do, in a sane way. Also in progress is an interface definition for the request manager, and store objects, again to increse flexability.

17 Dec 2004

So, the Canonical/Ubuntu Mataró rocked. I…

made huge improvements to Bazaar

Had my AM report finished by Pasc!

Migrated up to HoaryHedgehog

And am generally so wasted from the intense pace, I’m pretty weird company right now.

Next … comes a 4 day squid sprint : ROCK.