21 Dec 2004

The second days of the squid sprint is over.

We’ve closed about 6 bugs in bugzilla by fixing them, triaged about 50 more bugs, and merged in the long pending Disk IO modularisation – so the UFS disk layout can run with AIO/Threads/DiskD/Blocking… and COSS can now use Threads/Diskd or Blocking which it couldn’t before..

We also discussed some long term goals for squid, which will be taken into consideration in all design and planning. They are:


More ‘extension by module’ facilities – i.e. the oft requested overnight re-verification of objects should be doable by a module.

The cache should have granular control – i.e. to deactive a cache dir when a disk has failed – this implies some sort of control channel.

Connection pinning – essentially becoming a TCP Passthrough – and support for SPNEGO.

A comprehensive test suite.

Dinner was at a nice italian place, I had Biscetti & chips :).


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