20 Feb 2005

Dear evolution, you are on crack.

Time to ‘filter new messages on my imap store’: ~ 5 minutes.

Number of new messages? 6.

Ability to access already-cached-for-offline messages during this period? None.

Frustration because I can ssh home and cat /all/ the new messages, and determine they are spam, and their folders, in less time: Priceless.

Oh, and DNS is fine – a little slow (4 seconds to determine example.org), but working.

19 Feb 2005

Cute hack of the day: checkout arch/bazaar projects via ls and cp.

You need fuse installed, bazaar, and pybaz.

for fuse, if you are using debian or ubuntu, install fuse-source, and this patch for recent kernels fuse.diff. You need to build the module for your current kernel. I did this by installing the kernel source, copying the config for it to .config, then running: “make-kpkg –revision 2.6.11-0.2 –append-to-version “-1-686″ –rootcmd fakeroot modules_image”. Hopefully fuse will be in stock kernels soon :).

For bazaar visit bazaar.canonical.com – binaries for debian/ubuntu & redhat.

For pybaz, see ddaa.net

bazaar-fuser itself it in arch at robert.collins@canonical.com–general/bazaar-fuser–0, robert.collins@canonical.com–general is at robert.collins@canonical.com–general.

Its at very early days now, just a couple of hours fooling around, but you can checkout any branch your usercode knows about by mounting in (say) ~/arch/ then doing ‘ls ~/arch/archives/archivename/branchname/latest/’

Cute eh 🙂