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30 Apr 2006


On Friday night at slug I did a 15 minute segment for the Linux Australia round-up entitled ‘Why we should Test First’. The slides from the talk are online. The audio from LA-Update is also available. The nacent flamefest at the end of the talk turned into a list thread too.

16 Apr 2006


So, I now have cppunit support for subunit – the patch cppunit-subunit-1.10.2.patch adds a TestProgressListener subclass of SubunitTestProgressListener. So subunit is now able to integrate into one seamless whole test suites from python, C, C++ and shell using the primary xUnit implementation for those languages. Woo!

15 Apr 2006


I snuck in some more subunit hacking today… Theres now a C library (libsubunit) with child bindings, a patch for ‘check’ to enable a subunit UI (use CK_SUBUNIT) in the runner. I’m partway through a view for gunit to do the same, but it looks like it requires some changes to the core to get […]

14 Apr 2006


Easter Friday – always a fun day. Went and saw Ice Age 2 – mildly disappointed. Lovely animation, lots of laughs, but their continuity and consistency sucked. Later on, I bound subunit to ShUnit with this patch. This means that when you decide to add a hacky little shell script to some larger project, you […]

10 Apr 2006


I did a talk at the SLUG codefest last weekend the slids are here in Openoffice 2 format.

08 Apr 2006


Yay for siproxd. Working multi-user sip is a beautiful thing. Key notes: You need to configure siproxd, allow siproxd to use some ports on the firewall, and configured your sip client. after installing the package, edit /etc/siproxd.conf and set if_inbound=INTERFACENAME if_outbound=INTERFACENAME hosts_allow_reg=your internal network/netmask do not set hosts_allow_sip – I found it interacted strangely and […]


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