21 Nov 2006

Added to my list of ‘things we need’… a version of icheck that requires less configuration to hook into package builds. Ideally one that we can get running automatically on any package build.

Yes, its sci-fi, but avoiding ABI breaks across all libraries would be fantastic.

19 Nov 2006

Well, UDS mountain view is over, and all-hands.

I found the USA fun in a number of ways. However, for some reason I recieved the ‘SSSS’ (“Selected for Secondary Security Screening”) marker on my boarding pass in both directions, which is known to not be a coincidence. So someone out there with my name is a security risk, or its because I flew from .au to .us on a .nz passport or perhaps they think I’m this guy.

I think its time we did something about this. I urge every American to start writing to your senator or representative about this.. Bruce Schneier and others have already commented on how ineffective the SSSS mechanism is.

For my part, I’m now boycotting as much as possible every company based in the USA. And I shall never visit the USA except when work compels me to.

Which is of course a shame, as many of the people in the USA are nice: but unless they collectively *do something* and fix their out of control government, the USA is heading into being a surveillance state.