15 Dec 2006

So, phone call today went something like this

  • Hello Robert [voice I dont recognise]
  • Hi, who is this.
  • This is a courtesy call from Telstra mobile, is that ok?
  • Maybe, what do you want?
  • Are you aware that Telstra a running a special right now – 400 dollars credit and a BRAND NEW PHONE absolutely FREE if you bring your number over to Telstra today?
  • Are, so you are calling me unsolicted even though I’m not a customer of yours?
  • <starts to say something>
  • Let me make this clear, <shouting>FUCK OFF</shouting>
  • dead phone..

Yeah, I was seriously cranky – after the amount of email spam I cleaned out this morning, it was -not- a good day to be spamming my mobile phone number.

I feel somewhat guilty about the abusive (its not my normal persona!) language to the poor shmuck (who sounded like they come from an Indian call centre by accent) whose job it is to spam people, but not very: they are willing to do so – so I dont feel guilty.

I do feel quite a sense of satisfaction though : imagine having one of the pharma spammers on the phone – what would you choose to say to them ?