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14 Jul 2007


So we’re here in sunny Vilnius sprinting on bzr. I thought I’d write up some of what we’ve achieved. On Thursday Wouter got most of the nested-trees branch merged up with, but about 500 tests failing ;). Jelmer has introduced a new parameter to the sprout api call on BzrDir called ‘limit_to_revisions’ which if […]

07 Jul 2007


Ran into an interesting thing a couple of days ago. It looks like mercurial suffers from a race condition wherein a size-preserving change made within the same second as the last hg command’s completion (or possibly the last time hg observed the file) will be ignored by hg. This isn’t particularly bad for regular human […]

05 Jul 2007


Just spent some time bringing bzr-avahi up to play nice with current bzr. This gives it integration with bzr-dbus (and thus bzr lan-notify) and bzr commit-notify (in the bzr-gtk plugin)

03 Jul 2007


I want to know when we will get interesting talks like this happening! Competing on the basis of speed.


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