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27 Jun 2008


Dear lazyweb number 3. So far, I’ve asked: high latency net simulations – great answers. python friendly back-end accessible search engines – many answers, none that fit the bill. So I wrote my own :). Today, I shall ask – is there a python-accessible persistent b+tree(or hashtable, or …) module. Key considerations: – scaling: millions […]

17 Jun 2008


Launchpad, please stop mailing me mine own comments on bugs. I know what I said. kthxbye

14 Jun 2008


Rethinking annotate: I was recently reminded of Bonsai for querying vcs history. GNOME runs a bonsai instance. This got me thinking about ‘bzr annotate’, and more generally about the problem of figuring out code. It seems to me that ‘bzr annotate’, is, like all annotates I’ve seen pretty poor at really understanding how things came […]

10 Jun 2008


Recently I read about a cool bugfix for gdb in the Novell bugtracker on I ported the fix to the ubuntu gdb package, and Martin Pitt promptly extended it to have an amd64 fix as well. I thought I would provide the enhanced patch back to the Novell bugtracker. This required creating new Novell […]

09 Jun 2008


So, the last lazyweb question I asked had good results. Time to try again: Whats a good python-accessible, cross-platform-and-trivially-installable(windows users) flexible (we have plain text, structured data, etc and a back-end storage area which is only accessible via the bzr VFS in the general case), fast (upwards of 10^6 documents ), text index system? pylucene […]

04 Jun 2008


So I’ve been playing with Mnemosyne recently, using it to help brush up on my woeful Latin vocabulary. I thought it would be a good idea to get some of that data out of my head an into Ubuntu (which has a Latin translation). Imagine my surpise when, after installing the latin language pack (through […]


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