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01 Aug 2008


Well, advertising for the win right? Was looking up a song I vaguely remembered via youtube, and I noticed that > 30% of the search results are taken up by a single advert for a film (Liam Neeson in Taken, ironically) which sits at the top right, leaving the rest of the column blank. SHEESH

11 Jul 2008


What the git vs bzr discussion is about IMO is usability. The following blog post about DTrace on linux talks about the same issue, and I’d like to use Bryan’s words: “Over and over again, we made architectural and technical design decisions that would yield an instrumentation framework that would be not just safe, powerful […]

10 Jul 2008


I keep running into folk whom I knew of, that use bzr, but I did not know that they use bzr. Right now there is a lot of discussion going on about DVCS in various projects. While I imagine most bzr users just want to get on with their coding (after all thats what bzr […]

04 Jul 2008


Well, the gauntlet is down (BTW – desktop power integration. Cool!). The use case Ted talks about is actually quite interesting – we were at UDS last month, waiting on a SVN server that was apparently so slow we could have walked to it and copied stuff onto harddisk more quickly. (Really. No kidding). bzr […]


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