09 Sep 2008

Customer service… and vodafone. Something fundamentally missing here.

Vodafone’s website is slow – 50% of the time you can’t even login. 15-20 simple page clicks.

Ringing customer service – you get a IVR system that is intensely frustrating. It can’t handle simple things like “Your website sucks” (it asks if you want to inquire about iphone 3g’s). 10 minutes later and it actually offers a menu. Finally, some way to get through to a human.

Having stopped doing paper bills, you have to sign up to this website; several thousand words of legal terms and conditions later – 99% unrelated to paying bills – and you can’t configure it to email you, unless it also SMS’s you. WTF. Customer service don’t know why this is required. And the website doesn’t tell you its required, it just refuses to accept the form unless it’s ticked.

Seriously, someone setup a viable, flexible, mobile provider in australia, with good international roaming – give me a ring.