25 Jun 2009

[edit: a home has been found]

Free to good home, one Intel 510T 22 port switch. (There are a couple of dead ports but its otherwise fine – no glitches or anything).

I’ve just replaced my home ethernet switch – I was using 5 ports, and most of my wired machines have gigabit now. Yay.

So, if you need a 22 port network switch, let me know. If I don’t hear from anyone, it’ll go into next months local recycling pickup.

This will be a ‘come pick it up’ arrangement, unless you’re going to be at the same place I am for some other event – in Sydney, if thats not obvious.

21 Jun 2009

What is it with pc vendors that they make selecting machines by fairly useless things like model number (e.g. shuttle), or a hacky fugly hierarchy (e.g. auspcmarket) easy, but by attributes (e.g. ‘2 ethernet ports, no fans, small chassis’) terribly hard.

They should take a leaf out of the way people ask each other for recommendations. auspcmarket /kindof/ does that with the systems hierarchy – but only for a few categories.

What I want I guess, is a menu of tags/attributes I can search for on a vendors site (and/or review sites like CNet’s and, google shopping and so on). Doing a google shopping search for my interesting attributes above is a pretty epic fail.

08 Jun 2009

Latin (As in church latin, not latin character encoding) in Ubuntu Karmic will work better than it did in Hardy/Intrepid. I had missed one of the packages that want hard coded locale data when I did the initial enablement patch.

For reference, when adding a locale:

  • xlib (wants to know what locales are actually UTF8 and what compose sequences to use)
  • gdm (wants to know what locales to display)
  • glibc-locales (has the actual definition