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31 Aug 2009


Hi Rich! Re hour+long unit tests I agree that you need a comprehensive test suite, and that it should test all the dark and hidden corners of your code base. But time is not free! A long test suite inhibits: cycle time – the fastest you can release a hot fix to a customer developer […]

30 Aug 2009


Made some time to hack… the results: config-manager 0.4 released, re-uploaded to debian (it was removed due to some confusion a while back). This most notably drops the hard dependency on pybaz and adds specific-revision support for bzr. subunit snapshot packaging sorted out to work better with subunit from Ubuntu/Debian. This latest snapshot has nested […]

27 Aug 2009


Does your test suite take too long (e.g. 5 minutes). Or did it and you solved it? Or it doesn’t but its getting worse? Tell me more, I’d like to know :-)

16 Aug 2009


Hudson seemed quite nice when I was looking at how drizzle use it. I proposed it to the squid project to replace a collection of cron scripts – and we’re now in the final stages of deployment: Hudson is running, doing test builds. We are now polishing the deployment, tweaking where and how often reports […]

06 Aug 2009


0800 Friday morning, machine is slow… why? Random disk I/O, evolution doing a table scan again, and popularity contest fighting with it by reading in many many inodes. 9729 be/6 nobody 183.44 K/s 0.00 B/s 0.00 % 0.00 % perl -w /usr/sbin/popularity-contest Time for pop-con to go – while I like giving statistics about use, […]

06 Aug 2009


Success! Last weekend I started working on glue to help drizzle integrate closer with hudson using subunit and pyjunitxml. This is now up and running – you can see test runs with details of the test output. The details are being read by hudson from the xml output which created by subunit2junitxml. But the drizzle […]

06 Aug 2009


Dear evolution, Why are you taking 180 seconds (+- 20) to open mails ? Dear user, I’m reading message metadata for every message in that folder, then for all the new mail that arrived while I was doing that. Dear evolution, sqlite is good, not reading the entire maildirs in to filter mail, or open […]


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