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So, for ages now I’ve been saying that unittest is, at its core, pretty sound. I incited a talk to this effect. I have a vision; I dream of a python testing library that: Is in the python core Is simple Is extensible Has tests take care of testing Has results take care of reporting […]

Got some of my packaging backlog sorted out: bicyclerepairman updated for the vim policy (which means it works again!) python-testtools (a simple migration of the package to Debian) subunit 0.0.2 released upstream and packaged for Debian. testresources 0.2 ->  Debian. python-junitxml packaged up. And a small memo-to-self: On all new machines, echo ” filetype plugin […]

Well, the new blog seems to be up and running – and gathering modest numbers of comments already. Woo. I’ve a bunch of mail about test suite performance to gather and refine into a follow up post, but that can wait a day or two. In bzr we suffer from a long test suite, which […]

My blog has moved: If you’re syndicating me, please update to this location; if you don’t thats fine – advogato will be syndicating the blog indefinitely, but doesn’t support comments. Mega thanks to Jeff for doing an export from advogato for me :)


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