LCA 2010 Tuesday

Gabriella Colemans keynote was really good; grab it from the videos once they come online.

WETA run Ubuntu for their render farm: 3700 machines, 35000 cores, 7kw per ‘cold’ rack and 22kw per ‘hot’ rack. (Hot racks are rendering, cold racks are storage). Wow. Another talk well worth watching if you are at all interested in the issues related to running large numbers of very active machines in a small space.

And a classic thing from the samba4 talk at the start of the afternoon: MS AD domain controllers do no validation of updates from other domain controllers: classic crunchy surface security. (Discovered by samba4 borking AD while testing r/w replica mode).

Blue-ray on linux is getting there, however one sad thing is that the Blue ray standard has no requirement that vendors make players be able to play un-encrypted content – and there are some hints that in fact licences may require them to not play un-encrypted content.

Peter Chubb’s talk on Articulate was excellent for music geeks: midi that sounds like music from lillypond.

Ben Balbo talked about ‘Roll your own dropbox’. Ben works at a multimedia agency, but the staff work locally and don’t use the file server…. use instant messenger to send files around! Tried using subversion… too hard. Dropbox looked good but 3-7 hundred a month – too pricey given an existing 1.4TB of spare capacity.

He then considered svn + cron but deleted directories cause havoc & something automatic was wanted… so git + cron instead. Key thing used in doing this was having a work area with absolutely no metadata. Conflicts dealt with by filename.conflict.DATESTAMP.HOSTNAME.origextention

Doesn’t trigger of inotify, no status bar widget, only single user etc at the moment, but was written to meet the office needs so is sufficient. Interestingly he hadn’t looked at e.g. iFolder.