Yay Dell-with-Ubuntu down under

Dell has been offering Ubuntu on selected models for a while. I had however nearly given up hope on being able to buy one, because they hadn’t started doing that in Australia. I am very glad to see this has changed though – check out their notebook page. Not all models yet, but a reasonable number have Ubuntu as an option.



11 thoughts on “Yay Dell-with-Ubuntu down under

    1. Ugh. Well, hit dells website, go ‘small business / netbooks’ and you’ll get a session and be looking. specific models I see offering ubuntu the latitude 2100 and vostro v13,

      1. The latittude 2100 is a netbook, and not suitable for many computing tasks.

        As for the Vostro v13, if you go to the customize part of the site for this machine linux is not an option. Funny thing is, if you search “Vostro V13 linux” you get a hit which leads to the vostro customize page where linux is not an option.

        Geez dell a fucked.

      2. I’d ring them at this point, if you would buy a Vostro w/Ubuntu, as they are advertising it its entirely possible the web app is just useless…

      3. The fastest CPU they offer for the Vostro is 1.3 GHz which for me personally, doesn’t cut it. I spend far too much of my time as it is waiting for compiles to finish. I need at least 2Ghz Core 2 Duo.

      4. The processors I see are
        Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo SU7300 (1.3GHz, 3MB L2 cache) (Ultra Low Voltage)
        Intel® CoreTM 2 Solo SU3500 (1.4GHz, 3MB L2 cache) (Ultra Low Voltage)

        So 1.4Ghz if you want it :). Its going to be your call what you need, of course. Personally, I find the Core2Duo ULV series are pretty snappy. I have a U7600 (1.2GHz) myself.

  1. Yep, site not exist.

    If you do a search for Ubuntu it comes up with Vostro and the 2100 Netbook. As comments above no Linux option for Vostro, and the 2100 says comes with Ubuntu 8.10 which is incorrect.

    I purchased a Latitude 2100 from Dell here in Austraila in July last year and it came with Ubuntu 9.04, which is a great netbook, typing onit now actually. It seems Dell hasn’t updated their website and probably shows their commitment to offering Linux on desktop/laptops is weak? Technically they can do it and Ubuntu will make superb PC’s for many. Hmm, I think behind closed doors some deal with Microsoft is involved in limiting other OS’s on their PC’s and making it easily available to the public via web or retail. It’s a shame because this 2100 with Ubuntu 9.04 is fantastic. Everything worked out of the box, and absolutely no problems. I wish more people could experience this.

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