subunit version 2 progress

Subunit V2 is coming along very well.

Current status:

  • I have a complete implementation of the StreamResult API up as a patch for testtools. Thats 2K LOC including comeprehensive tests.
  • Similarly, I have an implementation of a StreamResult parser and emitter for subunit. Thats 1K new LOC including comprehensive tests, and another 500 lines of churn where I migrate all the subunit filters to v2.
  • pdb debugging works through subunit v2, permitting dropping into a debugger to work. Yay.

Remaining things to do:

  • Update the other language bindings – the C library in particular.
  • Teach testrepository to expect v2 input (and probably still store v1 for a while)
  • Teach testrepository to use pipes for the stdin of test runner backends, and some control mechanism to switch input between different backends.
  • Discuss the in-Python API with more folk.
  • Get code merged 🙂

8 thoughts on “subunit version 2 progress

  1. Hi, rbtcollin, i use testr ,subunit and tox to build test framework, and i’d like to intergation it with jekins and export junit.xml, but i did not find some commend to export it, can you help me?

      1. Thank you for your reply

        I put

        testr last –subunit | subunit2junitxml > junit-`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`.xml


        and put ./ in tox

        problem is the junit-*.xml can not be known by jekins, can you give me some advise?

      1. Oh, I see. testr last is outputting subunitv1.

        This should get you xml:
        testr last | subunit-1to2 | subunit2junitxml -o test.xml

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