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One of the constant debates while I’ve been programming has been that of how to organise work. Are bugs different to blueprints? I’ve been mulling over a new tracker for a while (just because none of the ones out there /really/ fit me) and was thinking about this angle over the weekend. Defects/bugs/crash reports/blueprints/specs all […]

So Monty and Sean have recently blogged about about the structures (1, 2) they think may work better for OpenStack. I like the thrust of their thinking but had some mumblings of my own to add. Firstly, I very much like the focus on social structure and needs – what our users and deployers need […]

Since its very early days subunit has had a single model – you run a process, it outputs test results. This works great, except when it doesn’t. On the up side, you have a one way pipeline – there’s no interactivity needed, which makes it very very easy to write a subunit backend that e.g. […]

Just saw and I feel compelled to note that distributed bug trackers are not new – the earliest I personally encountered was Aaron Bentley’s Bugs everywhere – coming up on it’s 10th birthday. BE meets many of the criteria in the dbts post I read earlier today, but it hasn’t taken over the world […]

I feel like I’m taking a big personal risk writing this, even though I know the internet is large and probably no-one will read this :-). So, dear reader, please be gentle. As we grow – as people, as developers, as professionals – some lessons are are hard to learn (e.g. you have to keep […]

I’ve transitioned to a new key – announcement here or below. If you’ve signed my key in the past please consider signing my new key to get it integrated into the web of trust. Thanks! —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1,SHA256 Sun, 2013-10-13 Time for me to migrate to a new key (shockingly late – […]

Python 3 recently introduced a nice feature – subtests. When I was putting subunit version 2 together I tried to cater for this via a heuristic approach – permitting the already known requirement that some tests which are reported are not runnable be combined with substring matching to identify subtests. However that has panned out […]

The Rackspace docs describe how to use rackspace’s custom extensions, but not how to use plain ol’ nova. Using plain nova is important if you want cloud portability in your scripts. So – for future reference – these are the settings: export OS_AUTH_URL= export OS_REGION_NAME=DFW export OS_USERNAME=<username> export OS_TENANT_NAME=<clientid> export OS_PASSWORD=<password> export OS_PROJECT_ID=<clientid> export OS_NO_CACHE=1 […]

Subunit V2 is coming along very well. Current status: I have a complete implementation of the StreamResult API up as a patch for testtools. Thats 2K LOC including comeprehensive tests. Similarly, I have an implementation of a StreamResult parser and emitter for subunit. Thats 1K new LOC including comprehensive tests, and another 500 lines of […]

I’ve been hitting the limits of gigabit ethernet at home for quite a while now, and as I spend more time working with cloud technologies this started to frustrate me. I’d heard of other folk getting good results with second hand Infiniband cards and decided to give it a go myself. I bought two Voltaire […]


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