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Subunit V2 is coming along very well. Current status: I have a complete implementation of the StreamResult API up as a patch for testtools. Thats 2K LOC including comeprehensive tests. Similarly, I have an implementation of a StreamResult parser and emitter for subunit. Thats 1K new LOC including comprehensive tests, and another 500 lines of […]

StreamResult, covered in my last few blog posts, has panned out pretty well. Until that is, that I sat down to do a serialised version of it. It became fairly clear that the wire protocol can be very simple – just one event type that has a bunch of optional fields – test ids, routing […]

My last two blog posts were largely about the needs of subunit, but a key result of any protocol is how easy working with it in a high level language is. In the weekend and evenings I’ve done an implementation of a new set of classes – StreamResult and friends – that provides: Adaption to […]

I recently added a formal interface to testrepository to enable cross-machine scaling of test runs. As testrepository is still a static scheduler, this isn’t perfect, but its quite a minimal interface, which makes it easy to implement. I will likely evolve it in reaction to feedback and experience. In the long term I’d love to […]

For a while now I’ve been using subunit as part of my regular development workflow. I would pipe test results to a file, use subunit to report on failures from that file, and be able to inspect all the failures at my leisure without rerunning tests or copy and pasting from far back in my […]

Recently I’ve been working on the Python unittest API in my spare time, with a long term goal of making it possible to safely and sensibly glue many different plugins together into the core. Two important components of that goal are being able to extend the data included in a test result, and being able […]

So, for ages now I’ve been saying that unittest is, at its core, pretty sound. I incited a talk to this effect. I have a vision; I dream of a python testing library that: Is in the python core Is simple Is extensible Has tests take care of testing Has results take care of reporting […]

Got some of my packaging backlog sorted out: bicyclerepairman updated for the vim policy (which means it works again!) python-testtools (a simple migration of the package to Debian) subunit 0.0.2 released upstream and packaged for Debian. testresources 0.2 ->  Debian. python-junitxml packaged up. And a small memo-to-self: On all new machines, echo ” filetype plugin […]


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