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16 Oct 2006


Just landed a sweet feature for bzr: dotted decimal revision numbers. There is a sample log (warning its 2Mb) where you can see this in all its glory. A sneak preview is here: ———————————————————— revno: 1986 committer: Patch Queue Manager<> branch nick: +trunk timestamp: Wed 2006-09-06 00:33:01 +0100 message: (robertc) Add TestCase.applyDeprecated, a common-case […]

08 Oct 2006


It make be a small thing, but barriers to entry are .. barriers to entry. Erlang has a make-life file built into the system. If you see something like ‘Emakefile’, you might be tempted to google ’emake’. Dont. Instead, run ‘erl -make’. And this is my point : that should be made much more obvious. […]

07 Oct 2006


Man, paper selection is awesomely hard… but we’ve done it!

02 Oct 2006


My second release as bzr release manager is over – 0.11 is released. John A Meinel will be doing the 0.12 release – and it looks to be a cracker!


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