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I’ve transitioned to a new key – announcement here or below. If you’ve signed my key in the past please consider signing my new key to get it integrated into the web of trust. Thanks! —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1,SHA256 Sun, 2013-10-13 Time for me to migrate to a new key (shockingly late – […]

A while back mdz blogged about challenges facing Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. He raises the point that runtime libraries for Python / Ruby etc have a unique set of issues because they tend to have their own packaging systems. Merely a month later he attended Debconf 2010 where a presentation was given on the […]

While some folk look down on fakeraid (that is BIOS based RAID-until-OS-takes-over) solutions, I think they are pretty neat: they let a user get many of the benefits of dedicated controller cards at a fraction of the cost. The benefits include the usual ones for RAID – more spindles to handle IO, tolerance of disk […]

Bzr build-deb is very nice, but it can be very tricky to get started. I recently did a fresh debianisation of a project that is in bzr upstream, and I thought I’d record the recipe to make it work (at least until the various bugs making it hard re fixed). Assuming that the upstream uses […]

Got some of my packaging backlog sorted out: bicyclerepairman updated for the vim policy (which means it works again!) python-testtools (a simple migration of the package to Debian) subunit 0.0.2 released upstream and packaged for Debian. testresources 0.2 ->  Debian. python-junitxml packaged up. And a small memo-to-self: On all new machines, echo ” filetype plugin […]


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