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Not all the videos are there yet, but they are starting to show up . Yay. See or your local LA mirror.

lCA 2010 Friday


Tridge on ‘Patent defence for open source projects’. Watch it! Some key elements: prior art defence is very very hard – ‘non infringement’ is a much better defense because you only need to show you don’t do the independent claims. Reading a patent doesn’t really harm us because triple damages is no less fatal than […]

Nathan Torkington on 3 lightning keynotes: 1) Lessons learnt! ‘Technology solves problems’… no it doesn’t, its all about the meatsacks! ‘If you live a good life you’ll never have to care about marketing’… steer the meatsacks ‘English is an imperative language for controlling meatsacks.’… Tell the smart meatsacks what you want (english is declarative). 2) […]

Jeremy Allison on ‘The elephant in the room – free software and microsoft’. While he works at Google, this talk was ‘off the leash’ – not about Google :). As usual – grab the  video :) We should care about Microsoft because Microsoft’s business model depends on a monopoly [the desktop]. Microsoft are very interested […]

Glyn Moody – Hackers at the end of the world. Rebel code is now 10 years old… 50+ interviews over a year – and could be considered an archaeology now :)  I probably haven’t down the keynote justice – it was excellent but high density – you should watch it online ;) Glyn talks about […]

Pandora-build. There for support – I’ve contributed patches. Pandora is a set of additional glue and layers to improve autotools and make it easier to work with things like gettext and gnulib, turn on better build flags and so forth. If you’re using autotools its well worth watching this talk – or hop on #drizzle […]

Another must-grab-the-video talk : Mako‘s keynote. Antifeatures, principles vs pragmatism do come together. The principled side – RMS & the FSF – important to control ones technology because its important to control ones life. The pragmatic side – quality, no vendor lock etc. False dichotomy.. freedom imparts pragmatic benefits even though it doesn’t intrinsically import […]

Gabriella Colemans keynote was really good; grab it from the videos once they come online. WETA run Ubuntu for their render farm: 3700 machines, 35000 cores, 7kw per ‘cold’ rack and 22kw per ‘hot’ rack. (Hot racks are rendering, cold racks are storage). Wow. Another talk well worth watching if you are at all interested […]


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